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AC motors




H2 AC motor drives:
- 0.56 till 45 kW
- output frequency: 0 to 500 Hz
- max overload capacity: 175 %
- dynamic braking
- available in inverter and vectordives with or without encoder feedback

More information : http://www.baldor.co.uk/pdf/literature/BR702_Versaflex.pdf

Baldor's VersaFlex range of AC motor drives provide optimum solutions for variable speed applications requiring constant torque, variable torque or constant power. With motor control techniques spanning open loop inverter, encoderless vector and closed loop vector control, cost effective choices are assured. Commonality of set-up and operation simplifies life for all who recommend, purchase or operator motor drives.

More information : http://www.baldor.co.uk/pdf/literature/BR735_Versaflex.pdf

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