Magnetic-hydraulic protections :
(Circuit Breakers for Equipment)
These automatic fuses protect your appliances/installation against overload and short-circuits. Due to their magnetic-hydraulic principle they are independant of environmental temperature incontradiction with their thermal (bi-metal) equivalents.  By their stable and predictable curves they are ideal to build an hierarchical protection strategy.
     • mounting : DINrail, Minirail, Snap-in, Plug-in ...
     • DC and AC types
     • Auxiliary or relay contacts
     • Several curves: slow, medium, fast ... and custom made
     • Single or multi-pole with or without neutral
     • Up to 750 A and 440 VAC

More information : www.cbi.co.za

Earth leakage circuit breakers :
 (ELCB) with or without overload protection (RCBO, RCCB)

     • Electronic power dependant type
     • Treshhold 30 mA
     • Overload protection for nominal currents up till 100 A
     • Active above 50 VAC
     • Immune against DC components (e.g. from dimmers)
     • Breaking capacity: 2.5 or 5 kA
     • Functional earth guarantees the protection even when the  
       neutral conductor is interrupted or has a high ohmic value
     • Push-button to test the function

More information : www.cbi.co.za

Cooling fans :
a wide range of professional DC and AC fans consisting of :
      1. Radial fans
               • 40*40*10 mm to dia 200*70 mm 
               • Airflow up to 10.45 mģ/min 
               • Static pressure up to 308 Pa

               • Lock- and speed sensor
               • Thermally controlled by an internal or external
               • Speed regulated (also types with 2 speeds)
               • Long life (up to 200.000 hours)
               • Splash proof types
               • Programmed types with IēS interface
      2. Tangential fans (Blowers)
               • Diameter 56 to160 mm
               • Airflow up to 1.62 mģ/min
               • Static pressure up to 314 Pa
      3. CPU Coolers
               • Fans for all common CPU's
      4. Accessories
               • Finger guards in metal or plastic
               • Filter kits
               • Cables

More information : www.sanyodenkieurope.fr

Buzzers :
We offer a wide range of piezo-ceramic, active and passive buzzers. There are panelmount, print and even SMD versions obtainable. Several frequencies and sound levels, modulations and even broadband types give you a guarantee of a product fit for every application.

More information :

Switches and displays :
A series of thumbwheel switches (decimal, BCD, hexadecimal ...) for the introduction of numeric values which can be combined with modular displays.

Toggle switches, DIP switches, trend indicators, numeric LED displays (also with Profibus DP interface)

More information : www.crameda.com
Passive components :
       • Ceramic fixed and trimmable capacitors
       • Feed-through capacitors
       • SMD coils and transformers
       • SMD LED's
       • Piezo elements
       • Broadband piezo buzzers

More information : www.stelco-gmbh.com

Others :
We also distribute on a non exclusive base :
       • Racks and housings
       • Knobs, selector switches, coded switches
       • LED strips

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